American Muscle Grill

The American Muscle Grill and Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone Joins the Revolution

What a perfect match. The American Muscle Grill and Sylvester Stallone. When the phone rang and the voice on the other end said they were Sylvester Stallone’s assistant, you can imagine our response. However, it made perfect sense, Mr. Stallone was looking for the Muscle grill. Why not, he certainly has the muscle to match this he-man grill. After an initial meeting to determine what accessories and island design he wanted, everyone came away with the same impression. What a great guy. He is like John Wayne, larger than life but humble at the same time. After installation, he called to see if we could come up and demonstrate the grill for he and his staff. Are you kidding? Sure! As you can see we had a blast cooking American Wagyu Tri-Tips, Goat Cheese stuffed Sausage, sweet peppers, and stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapeños.

Why Did Sly Choose The American Muscle Grill?

The American Muscle Grill was designed from the ground up to function flawlessly as either a Gas or Solid fuel grill. Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel, the AMG needed some serious design changes over a gas grill in order to handle the extreme heat of cooking with solid fuel. Some of those changes are: 16 gauge double walled hood, 15” deep fire box with large ash removal bottom design, valves set deep in the fire box and a completely new burner design. The grates have been designed to lift up out of the way to aid in the adding of fuel. These specially designed grates also suppress the IR heat signature and makes cooking a dream. Halogen interior lights and Blue LED lights over the control knobs add to the aesthetics of this grill. Throw on your favorite cut of meat cooked over Red Oak logs and see for your self. This is how man was ment to cook.